Finally Growing Up

Finally Growing Up


The only constant in life is change but somehow I still try to be impenetrable whenever it knocks at my doorstep and demand I open the door. My reluctance stems from my inability to decipher if the change is going to be good or bad. This year has been filled with changes and taught me numerous lessons, now I FEEL LIKE I’M GROWING UP and peace and anxiety sets in (don’t ask me how they can coexist in my mind cause I don’t know that answer).

I’m having the tough conversations that I usually tip toe around because I don’t want to step on anybody’s foot, the truth flows so quickly, effortlessly and eloquently from my lips it makes formulating a lie time consuming and a complete waste. I’m letting go and accepting unbearable situations; a difficult season for a reason so I don’t dwell on the negatives too much instead I’m attempting to find the lessons to be learnt.

Source: TENOR

Learning better money management skills, emotionally supporting my family and friends more because this year has been tough for everyone (I want them to grow too) and attempting this dating and relationship thing again! I look in the mirror and smile at my reflection, I’m so proud of the woman I’m becoming. I know I’m destined for great things, I feel it in every fibre of my being so I’m just going to keep swimming like Dory until I find what is mine.

I’m trying to figure this adulting thing out, it’s a complicated mathematical equation that gives a literature lover like myself a splitting migraine but I have my calculator, worksheets, erasers and other stencils ready!

All the things I have now I prayed and begged God for and he bestowed these blessings on me and now I’m trying my best to not mishandle them.

I hope Monday treated you well and that the remaining days will be what you need them to be. Thanks for reading!

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