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My grandpa died last week Wednesday and it’s been a really difficult time for me. I’m fully aware that it’s the circle of life, birth and death maintain the balance.

But . . . I was already trying to stay positive in my already dark times and him dying really has me feeling like I’m drowning. I barely talk to God anymore, I just thank him for waking me up in the mornings and ask him to protect my friends and family; honestly I’m upset with him and I’ve been reluctant to admit it until now.

I’m trying to be okay but I’m not.

I’ve been trying to be inspired to write a blog post and create good content but I can’t do it. The only thing I’ve been able to attempt to write is an entry for a short story competition, I’m even dubious about writing that.

I love my grandma but I was always a grandpa’s girl, I was hoping I’d be able to see him after the pandemic. Even though death is inevitable, I had stupidly thought he’d live forever 💔

I’m taking a step back from everything until I feel more like myself again so bare with me.

I hope everyone is okay and staying safe. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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