A Simple Life

A Simple Life

The extraordinary and probably the revolutionary were spaces my thoughts always occupied for as long as I’ve known myself. I admired the work and leadership of people like Nelson Mandela and wanted to be just like him. I have a very unique name and felt I had to do unique things to live up to it.

I never wanted to succumb to the mundane or just be ordinary. I feared such an existence and thought it would be the worst thing to ever happen to me but woe how the times have changed.

People of the internet, I desire a simple life. Yes, you’ve read correctly. I DESIRE A SIMPLE LIFE.

Can you believe that? It took me a while to swallow that pill but when I did, I wonder why it took so long in the first place. After age 20 or 21, I think I started experiencing more. More lessons gave me more knowledge. All that knowledge made me more self-aware and gave me food for thought as I tried to decipher life and my purpose. I soon started to recognize the things that made me really happy and the things that actually mattered to me.

I saw this post while scrolling on Instagram and knew I had to include it in the blog.

I’m okay with having a career that brings me small joys, provides good financial support, makes me happy to spend 8 hours there and helps others in some way. I’m okay with a life that includes my own house, a car to take late night drives while listening to my faves. A life with a romantic relationship that reminds me unconditional love exist and both of us are deserving of it. A life filled with amazing lifelong friends paving their own way, friendship dates and vacations in places we once thought impossible. A life where my family is healthy, happy and high on togetherness.

A life where I’m finding more of myself and trusting God. I’m loving, kinder and healing towards myself. Letting generational hurt go and welcoming all the things I deserve. Sharing my many thoughts on a personal blog. A life where I’m donating my time, efforts, money to making even the smallest of difference like baking a cake for a fundraiser towards a worthy cause.

I’m okay with a simple life. The mundane doesn’t scare me anymore. I still admire the persons doing the big stuff but I understand now that everyone has their role to play. Whether it is big or small, it’s crucial to existence and life as we know it.

Happy Sunday everyone 💕

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