I Choose Me

I Choose Me

Photo: Jesse Millette (Pinterest)

I wrote this on the 13th of August 2020, I just woke up and decided to write something that’s healing for me because I had finally let all the hurt go in a previous poem – not sure if I’m going to share that one as yet – but I want to share this one.


I choose me over you even though it hurts, I had to let you go despite the urge. I would have lost myself in the process of finding you. I was too close to choosing you. Months of self-love and relearning myself almost went down the drain; Jesus Christ I needed help! I woke up one morning and said ‘Nawww sis, choose yourself’.

Imagine a man with an empty cup telling me I’m not good enough, he brings nothing to the table but thinks he’s able. He told me ‘Baby you’re fat and you need to lose some weight’, boy I’m sorry to disappoint but I’m happy in the body God made. I watched like an outsider as you played my mind, broke my heart, and drained my trust. I kept asking myself why am I not good enough?

To allow a man like you to mess me up, I must have forgotten ‘me have a buzz’. I found myself in the midst of hurting and in that instance, she remembered who she was, so she chose herself because she had enough. So, I say to girls who are listening to me while I’m speaking, sis you don’t need a man to feel things

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