I’ve Never Tried Online Dating

I’ve Never Tried Online Dating

It’s the God honest truth wonderful people of the Internet, I have never tried online dating but I know what it is because I’ve seen the dating apps on Instagram and watched a few YouTube videos where persons have talked about their experience so I’m not oblivious.

When it comes to me, I can honestly say I only have two real reasons or poor excuses – depends on your outlook – why I’ve never tried online dating:


Let’s indirectly blame my numerous summer vacations spent in the countryside with my grandma and her superstitious mumbo jumbo ways that clearly rubbed off on me.

Don’t laugh at me but I’ve always thought something bad would happen if I tried, I don’t know what that bad would be nor how devastating its effects would have on me; I just keep thinking it’s gonna end badly. Being superstitious is a big part of Jamaican culture so if you feel dubious about something then we believe it’s a good reason to not do it.

However, the feeling is probably fear because this is something that is WAYYYYYY out of my cozy comfort zone.


Source: Tenor

In the beautiful Caribbean isles, if you tell a friend you are thinking about online dating they would probably tell you ‘you’re not that desperate’, ‘you are definitely gonna get catfished’ or just plain and straight ‘don’t try it, anuh every style fit cow’. That saying simply means every trend and style isn’t suited for you.

The idea of looking desperate in the eyes of family and friends along with the slight possibility of being tricked by someone who doesn’t have the balls to show his real self, made online dating unappealing to me.

However, things and time are changing folks and the current state of my dating life is not looking good with the few undesirable suitors in my midst. I’m starting to think my next potential mate might not even be in my area code, that thought is appealing.

Maybe online dating wouldn’t be so bad . . . maybe

Have you ever tried online dating? I’d love to hear your experience and success rate in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “I’ve Never Tried Online Dating

  1. I wouldn’t consider it online dating, but my fiance and I met because a mutual acquaintance gave me my fiance’s number to liaise on an activity. We spoke on WhatsApp for about a month before we met in person (accidentally as well). Well the rest is history.

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