Intentional Dating at 23

Intentional Dating at 23

It’s been a hot little minute since I’ve done a relationship/dating post. I know you guys love to read them as much as I enjoy writing them so here’s the first one for 2022.

I practice intentional dating

In my opinion, intentional dating is a meaningful connection with a mutual aim, both persons wanting the same/similar outcomes in the relationship. It’s something I’ve recently started doing because when I was 18-22 my mindset was more about learning myself (still doing this), having fun and figuring out all the relationship stuff nobody told me about. When I turned 23, I knew I wanted to take a different approach to dating, a serious one. I was more comfortable in myself and felt I had the right tools to go about it.

I knew I wanted to get to know someone, I wanted to know who they were as a person and form a deep emotional connection based on core values (the things that really mattered). I’ve never been in a long-term relationship so I knew one of my aims of intentional dating would be that. Around August 2021 was the time I started talking to myself and God about intentional dating but it was something in the back of my mind in June. I didn’t meet my partner until October which deserves a post of its own if I ever decide to write one.

Clear intentions, honesty and openness

Girl In Her Twenties

I was very clear at the beginning about the type of connection I was seeking and surprisingly we were on the same page. It hasn’t been all smooth sailing in the relationship, we have our good and bad moments. I don’t know the timestamp on us but I know my intentions towards us.

Before meeting her, I did a self-assessment which basically included:

Assessing my capacity and capabilities. Am I emotionally available? Mentally prepared for a relationship? Set my aims for the relationship whether it be long-term leading up to marriage and/or kids. Long-term with just the aim of forming an intimate connection and seeing how the future unfolds. Listing the important qualities I’d find admirable and appreciate in a partner.

Sometimes you are ready and other times you’re not, the self-assessment helps you figure out where you stand. Definitely do it before attempting intentional dating or any form of dating.

Decide what intentional dating looks like for you. Let your potential partner know your intentions from early on or in my opinion after you’ve gotten to know them a little and see the possibility of it becoming more.

Every relationship looks different and no two relationships are the same. However you choose to go about dating make sure it is in a way that makes you comfortable and the person you’re with comfortable as well. Mutual understanding is super important.

What do you think about intentional dating? I’m curious to know.

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    1. Thanks for reading. Yeah I think life is unpredictable and a lot can change like how much time a couple has together. Remaining intentional until then is important. I’m glad you found my post enjoyable because I really like reading your posts!

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